How to Donate

(Registered under Section 12A of Income Tax Act, 1961)

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  1. Empowerment Programme for person with Disability:
    1. Donate towards School Infrastructures (Detail)
    2. Donate a hearing aid to a hearing impaired child: Rs. 5000/- – Rs. 15000/-
    3. Support a hearing impaired child in maintaining the Hearing Aid (batteries, cords, repairing): Rs.100/- per month, i.e., Rs.1200/-per annum
    4. Individual income generation assistance: Rs.5000/- – Rs.10000/-
    5. Seed money for the self-help group / family business for their economic independence: Rs.5000/- – Rs.10000/-
    6. Educational support for the student with disability (traveling expenses, books etc., tuition fees for class VII – class XII): Rs.500/- per month, i.e., Rs.6000/- per annum.
    7. Educational support (including the fees of the resource teachers) for a child with disabilities: Rs.300/- per month i.e., Rs. 3600/- per annum.
    8. Skill training for a young boy/girl with disability: Rs. 5000/- per annum
    9. Donate Crutches: Rs. 600/-
    10. Donate artificial limb: Rs.5000/- – Rs.10000/-
    11. Donating towards wheelchairs, walking aids, special furniture
    12. Support for developmental stimulation including therapeutic intervention for one child with Cerebral Palsy/multiple disability: Rs.100/-per day, Rs. 400 per month, Rs.4800/- per annum.
    13. Sponsoring a child’s tuition and transport costs.
    14. Sponsoring a child’s regular medication cost, specially for seizures
    15. Donating computers and need-based vocational equipment.
    16. In critical cases helping families to meet medical costs of family members.
  1. Children’s Welfare Programme:
    1. Donate towards Children’s Home (Details)
  2. Donate towards Health Care Programme
    1. Medical Camp (Details)
    2. Mobile Dispensary (Details)
  3. Livelihood Programme
    1. Donate towards Synod Sepngi Training Institute (Details)