Amirkha School for Disabled


Amirkha School for Disabled was started on 16th April 2012 in a building of Mawlai Iewrynghep Presbyterian Church situated at Mawlai Nonglum.

  • It is a (co-ed) special school catering to children with intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, C.P., locomotor disabilities and other neurological disabilities.
  • There 12 regular students and 3 OPD.


  • To provide quality educational services in an inclusive environment.
  • To facilitate positive awareness in the area of disability.
  • To promote skill development to parents, caretakers of CWDs through home based skill programme.
  • To facilitate and empower the student became a contribute member of the society.
Students Participated on Observation World Disabled Day

Students Participated on Observation World Disabled Day

Report Activity 2017:

Amirkha School for Disabled, a co-education Special School was started on April 2012 with only 4(four) students. The school was functioning in (2 rooms) house of Mawlai Presbyterian Church located at Mawlai Nonglum until 27th June, 2017when it was shifted to its own building at Mawlai Mawroh, near SAN-KER on 28th June, 2017.


  • Principal
  • 3 Asst. Teacher (ie1Special Education (MR), 1 undergoing training in B. Ed. Spl. Education in Autism at NIEPMD, Chennai,1 persuing Diploma in Elementary Edn)
  • 1 (casual) teacher
  • 1 Office Assistant (contractual)
  • 1 Helper


  • Total number of students granted admission in 2017 = 5
  • Total number of students enrolled in 2017 = 15

Enrolment 2017:

Class Boys Girls Total Types of Disability
Nursery – I (Functional) 5           – 5  All MR (including 1 Down’s Syndrome, 1 multiple disability)
Nursery – II (Functional) 3 1 4 MR (All, including 1 Down’s Syndrome)
K.G (Functional) 2 2 1 MR + 1 Multiple Disability (C.P Spastic Diaplegic with M.R
Class – III (Formal) 1 1 Noonan’s Syndrome (Learning Disability)
Pre-Vocational Training Unit 1 2 3 MR (all)
Total 12 3 15               –


Children with Disabilities Newly Enrolled in 2017:

Nursery –I (Functional)    : 2 (M) with Mental Retardation (i.e including 1 Down’s     syndrome)

Nursery – II (Functional)     : 1 (M) with Mental Retardation

Home Management Unit / OPD: No child is availing this service this year.

Co – Curricular Activities: Sports, Art and Craft

Staff Training:

  • B. Lyngwi attended a training program on ‘Braille, ASD & Curriculum Adaptation’ conducted by the office of DMC, SSA, EKHD, Laitumkhrah at its premises.
  • D. Diengdoh attended a training program on ‘Behaviour Management’ w.e.f. 18th – 20th July, 2017 at Mary Rice centre for Special Education, Laitumkhrah.
  • B.Lyngwi, Mrs. D. Marsharing & Ms. D. Iangrai attended an in-service training on ‘Concept Mapping, AAC, MR, ADHD & Methods of Teaching for children with intellectual disabilities’ held in the school premises w.e.f. 25th – 27th September, 2017where Ms. B.Myrthong & Ms Bidasiewdor L. Mawnai were the Resources Persons.
  • B. Myrthong attended the North east Regional Conference on “Exploring Deafness Amidst the Cultural & Linguistic Diversity in North East India’ w.e.f. 18th – 20th October, 2017at Fernando Speech & Hearing Centre(FSHC), Umiam Organised by Mrs. Melissa Wahlang, Assistant Professor, Linguistic Dept., NERIE in collaboration with FSHC and CBM.

Appointment of staff:

  • Ibalari Damika Nongsiej was newly appointed as Office Assistant on contractual basis w.e.f. 1st June – 31st May, 2018.
  • Dateinam Marsharing a Special Educator (MR) was newly appointed as Assistant Teacher w.e.f. 18th July, 2017.

Field Work Placement: 3 (three) students of St. Edmund’s College persuing MSW, 1st Semester had come for a field work placement of 18 days in our school w.e.f. 4th September, 2017.

Home Visit: One home visit for one student (Maitphang Donnam Khyriem) was made on 18th August, 2017.

Conveyance: No conveyance facility is provided by the school as of now.

Hostel: No hostel facility is available

Visits: Visits to RASD were made by:-

  • Jingiaseng Kynthei Balang Presbyterian Jaiaw on 14th July, 2017.
  • Jingiaseng Samla Balang Presbyterian Mawlai on 12th August, 2017.
  • Orientation visit by the students (MSW, 1st Semester ) of St. Edmund’s College accompanied by their teacher on 23rd August, 2017
  • Jingiaseng Kynthei Balang Presbyterian Mawroh on 1st September, 2017
  • C E Union Jingiaseng Samla Mawkhar District on 12th. December, 2017

Activities of the year:

20th February, 2017             – Re-Opening of School for Staff.

23rd February, 2017             – Re-Opening of School for Students

02nd March, 2017                  – Inauguration of new School Building at Mawroh by Smt. Deborah Marak

31st March, 2017                   – 2 Students (Maitphang and Ebinwell) along with their parents and 1 teacher collected TLM Kit distributed by National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (NIEPID) at Mary Rice Centre for Special Education, Laitumkhrah.

1st April, 2017                        – Ms D. Diengdoh, Mrs. P.Sun and Ms. D. Iangrai participated in The Walk from Khyndailad to Mission Compound  and also attended a Public Discussion on Autism at Mission Community Hall on account of Observation of World Autism Day organised by SAN-KER.

16th June – 07th July, 2017    – Mid-Term Assessment and Examination, 2017.

10th July – 16th July, 2017     – Summer Holiday for Students and Staff.

18th July, 2017                       – Re-opening of School for Staff and Students.

28th June, 2017                      – Shifting of School from Mawlai Nonglum to Mawlai Mawroh.

29th June, 2017                      – Prayer Service was held in the new School premises by few office bearers of SELDD, K.J.P.Synod Sepngi.

01st July, 2017                        – Cleaning Drive of the new school building by Staff, Parents and Students (of RASD)

05th July, 2017                       Special Get- Together Programme was held in the school for the students by  Shri A. L. Hek , MLA and his family on account of  his daughter’s birthday

11th August, 2017                  – Mrs B. Lyngwi and Mrs D. Marsharing collected IED aid and Appliances received from office of D.M.C, S.S.A., E.K.H.D., Laitumkhrah.

24th August, 2017                  – Inauguration of footpath from SAN-KER gate junction to School by  Shri. P.T. Sawkmie, MLA, Mawlai Constituency.

19th September, 2017           – Staff Meeting held in school

20th September, 2017           – Parent’s Meeting held in school

12th October, 2017                – Ms. B. Myrthong, Ms, D. Iangrai along with 4 students (Maitphang, Sanbha, Bame and Rapshalin) participated in a ‘Blind Walk’ conducted by Project Vision North East, Navjan Trust

14th October, 2017                – 3 students (Epa, Maitphang and Rapshalin) accompanied by 2 staff  (Ms. I.D. Nongsiej and D. Marsharing) participated in the ‘Run for Inclusion’ organised by Jyoti Sroat Inclusive School, Laitumkhrah.

14th October, 2017                – Ms. B. Myrthong attended the inauguration function of Inclusive Vidya Campaign and Silver Jubilee Celebration of Jyoti Sroat Inclusive School at its school premises, Laitumkhrah

26th October, 2017                – Staff meeting held in school

13th – 24th November, 2017 –   Final Assessment and Examination.

14th November, 2017           – Children’s Day Celebration organised by Electrician Association of Meghalaya and Shri A. L. Hek, MLA Pynthorumkhrah for the students at Golf Link’s ground

02nd December, 2017           – Observation of ‘International Day for Disabled’ in the school premises. Inclusive sports was held for parents and students of RASD and crafts made by the students was also displayed on this day.

07thDcember, 2017               – Distribution of Report and Report cards

08th December, 2017            – 5 siblings of 5 students (Kit, Don, Rap, Mait and Bame) attended A Workshop for Sibling for Special need Organised by Mary Rice Centre at its school premises

12th December, 2017            – Advance Christmas Programme  for the students organised and conducted by C.E Union Jingiaseng Samla Mawkhar District was held in the school premises

15th December, 2017            – ‘Gospel Concert’ a fund raising programme for the school was held at Wahingdoh Community Hall Cum Crèche Centre.

15th December, 2017            –  Closing day of school both for staff and students. Funding: Currently major expenses are funded by the sponsoring Body.

Our gratitude: Our work would not be possible without your support.

  • Sponsoring body.
  • Parents and guardians for their support.
  • Members of managing committee and staff for their dedication.
  • Consultants and volunteers who offered their valuable time and expertise.
  • Donors for their generous support and contribution.

                                                   Doors Open

11 years old (now 14 years) Rapshailin is a boy with Noonan’s Syndrome (has learning disability). He had previously been to a local school where he repeated Class III for three (3) years.

Rap has fair attention span and gets easily distracted by sounds or movements in the surrounding. When he was brought to RASD, he was able to tell the correct answer verbally for simple problem sums of addition and subtraction (when asked verbally). He was able to label and write A – X (in upper case) correctly and independently when asked in random. However, reversal of alphabets in lower case was observed while identifying, labelling and writing. He struggles and finds great difficulty to identify most cursive alphabets in small case. Reversals also observed while reading and writing simple words too. He had very poor phonetic skills. Rap finds great difficulty to pronounce simple three letter words. His handwriting was very poor and difficult to read too.

He was very stubborn and would hit self and others when needs are not met.

After a thorough functional and educational assessment he was granted admission on trial for 3(three) months in Class Nursery (formal) in 2013.

Earlier, reading a simple three letter word was so difficult for Rapshai but over the years he has shown marked improvement in all areas. Reading and handwriting has improved a lot comparatively, though reversals and substitution of letters and words still persists. Now, Rap is able to read a familiar paragraph with few errors. He has also successfully completed his Class III examination with 63% marks percentage and promoted to Class IV. His behaviour has also changed drastically over the years. He is polite and very helpful.

Rapshai is a cheerful, fun loving and responsible boy. He enjoys singing, dancing and sports and games.