Mairang Vidyajyoti Inclusive School

AIM:- To provide and promote services leading towards life with dignity for children and young adults irrespective of their strengths and weaknesses through formal and non-formal educational services & vocational training programmes


  1. To provide quality educational services in an inclusive environment.
  2. To facilitate positive awareness in the area of disability.
  3. To promote skill development to parents, caretakers of children with disabilities through home based skill programmes.
  4. To facilitate and empower the students became a contributive member of the Society
  • It is the only inclusive school in the whole district of West Khasi Hills which caters to children with and without disabilities.
  • 295 students (38 C.W.S.N.) from class Nursery to class X and a Vocational Training Unit.


1. A Day school:-

  • Class Nursery, K.G, I – X & Pre-Vocational Training Unit I and II.

2. A Vocational Training Unit:-

  • Offering trades mainly embroidery, tailoring and other Petty trades.

3. An out Patient Department (O.P.D.):-

  • Offering services of planning, assessment, evaluation and programming (home based) for children with severe and profound disabilities, children with training disabilities and slow learners.

Report Activity 2017:

Mairang Vidyajyoti Inclusive School, a Co-Education School was started on 2nd June 2008 with only 3 students in a rented building of Presbyterian Church, Sangshong Mairang, but in 2013 the school was able to shift to its permanent campus at Sangshong, Mairang. It is one of the project of the Agency for Sustainable Development Initiative (AFSDI), KJP Synod Sepngi .

The school is proceeding to Class X in this current year, therefore the students of class X in this year will be the first batch to appear for SSLC Examination 2018.


Nursery 19 11 30 7 (5M+2F)
K.G 27 19 46 7 (6M + 1F)
Class – I 14   8 22 2 (1M + 1F)
Class – II 14 13 27 1 M
Class – III 16 16 32 3 (1M + 2F)
Class – IV 13 7 20 2 M
Class – V 13 11 24 3 M
Class – VI 4 3 7
Class – VII 5 2 7
Class – VIII 4 5 9 1 F
Class – IX 3 2 5 2 M
Class – X 2 2 4
Pre-voc unit I 1 2 3 1M + 2F
Pre-voc unit  II 1 2 3 1M+  2F
Total 136 103 239 34 (23M +11F)



  • Total Number of Students granted admission in 2017= 40
  • Total number of students enrolled in 2017= 239


  • Class Nursery =3(2M + 1F) Mental Retardation & 1(M) Cerebral Palsy
  • Class V = 1 (M) Visual Impairment.

Co-Curricular Activities – Sports, Art & Craft, Music, Dance, etc


  • M.N.Wahlang attended the Workshop conducted by the AYJNIHD in collaboration with the office of the Commissioner for PWDs.
  • M.N.Wahlang and Ms. B.L.Mawnai attended the workshop on developing a State Policy based on the new rights of person with Disabilities Act.
  • All staff attended the training organized by the school (MVIS) on -Visual Impairment, Identification, Types, Causes and Method of teaching.
  • B. L. Mawnai & Mr. H. Lawriniang attended the workshop on content creation organized by CDAC.
  • B.Kharmawlong, Mrs. P. Marbaniang, Ms. J.Warjri & Mr. S. L. Mawnai attended the Northeast Regional Conference conducted by the CBM.
  • B. L. Mawnai & Ms.A.Lyngdoh attended the Regional Workshop on Rehabilitation of person with disabilities at Itanagar.
  • B. Marwein is pursuing B.Ed Spl.Edu (MR) in Rama Krishna University, Coimbatore, Chennai, sponsored by the school.

HOME VISIT:  One home visit was made in this current year. Home visits are usually make on a reasonable purpose.

OUT PATIENT DEPARTMENT / HOME MANAGEMENT UNIT:1 child with special needs availed this service in this current year.

SCHOOL BUS:  The school is able to provide conveyance for children and staff staying afar from school through the school bus donated by the local MLA Shri. Metbah Lyngdoh since 2014 and that the bus fare is collected from each person on monthly basis to meet the expenses of the bus.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING UNIT: The school runs the vocational training scheme for person with disability funded by DSWO Nongstoin w.e.f. July 2016 to June 2017.


  • 30 students received benefits of scholarship and 5 students have received book grant from the office of the District Social Welfare Officer, Nongstoin.
  • 32 students received benefits of Escort allowance from the Office of SSA
  • The Synjuk ki Kynthei sponsored school fees to 2 deserving students for the year 2017.

VISITS : Visits to MVIS were made by –

  • S. L. Mawlong , Coordinator SSA Mawsawa Domdirin CRC
  • Nursing students from H.G.Robert Hospital
  • Ed trainees from NERIE, NCERT.
  • Members from Light for the World.
  • Members from RAISE Northeast.
  • M. A. Kharbhih DSWO, Nongstion.
  • Jingiaseng Kynthei Ri Lyngngam Presbytery.


Activities of the Year:

26 Jan 2017                              : Some students participated in the Republic Day organized by  the Office of SDO-Civil Mairang

27th – 30th March 2017             : Inter-house sports in the school.

13th April 2017                        : Good Friday Service in school.

5thJune 2017                            : Observed the Environment Day by Cleaning drive and tree plantation in the school premises.

17th June 2017                         : Students participated in a fund raising programme ‘Shillong Run’

conducted   by    AFSDI, KJP Synod Sepngi at Polo Ground,  Shillong.

14th – 29th June 2017               : Mid-Term Examination and Assessments.

31th July  2017                         : Distribution of Report Cards.

15th August 2016                    : Participated in the Independence Day Celebration organized by  the Office of  the SDO-Civil Mairang

5th September 2017                 : Teacher’s Day celebration in School organized by the Students.

8th Sept 2017                           : Participated in World Literacy Day organized by the District co-

ordinator SSA Nongstoin

2nd October 2017                     : Some students Participated in Swachch Bharat Competition in Quiz

& Painting organized by Mairang C&RD Block.

4th October 2017                     : Some students Participated in Quiz & Painting competition organized by District Arts & Culture in Block Level.

10th October 2017                   : Some students Participated in Quiz & Painting competition organized by District Arts & Culture in District Level.

12th October 2017                   : Observed of Swachchata Pakhwada with the team Swachch Bharat of Mairang C&RD Block.

12th October 2017                   : Participated in the World Sight Day in Shillong.

13th-27th November 2017        : Final Examination and Assessments.

28th November 2017               : Children’s Day Celebration in school.

29th November 2017               : Awareness Programme on PWD Act & Rights of PWDs organized by DSWO Nongstoin in the school premises.

30th November 2017               : Singing & Recitation competitions in School as part of World Disabled Day Celebration.

4th December 2017                  :  Observed of the International Day for person with Disabilities in the School premises.

11th December 2017          :  Distribution of Report Cards.


  • The School won the Best Discipline team in March Pass in the Independence Day Celebration 2017 organized S.D.O. Civil Mairang.
  • Students won the 1st Prize in Quiz Competition Conducted by District Arts& Culture in Block Level.
  • The School won multiple games& sports in the Inclusive Sports organized by SSA Mairang Block.
  • One student won the Painting Competition at the Krem Tirot Festival 2017.

OUR GRATITUDE: Our work would not be possible without the support of:

  • Sponsoring Body
  • Members of the Managing Committee and Staff for their dedication.
  • Parents and Guardians
  • Consultants and Volunteers who offered valuable time and expertise.