Name: Tinkywell NongrumHBE- Tinkywell Nongrum

Age: 5, Sex: Male

Type of Disability: Intellectual Impairment

Address: Umthied Bynther, Mairang

Tinkywell is from Umthied Bynther living with his lovely family where all his sisters, parent and grandparent are very supportive and caring.

The child had a problem since birth but he was identified by parents later when he was slow in growth and developmental mild stone. Parents took him for treatment and seek lot of medical support but there is no improvement. Later, when they were clear that the child is suffering from Down syndrome with Intellectual Impairment from the specialist doctor and said that the child may not be as the other child they stop medication.

In 2017 when he was at 4 year of age C.B.R.W. identify the child and visited them. The child is very active and smart but he is lacking in daily activities skill and basic education where the C.B.R.W. choose to teach the child through home base education.

In one year there has been a great changes within the child where he is now could count numbers till 10, he could differentiate body parts, he could identify colours, arranging things, money identification, identify items like vegetables and things that eatable and not eatable and started with identification of alphabets.

Since the child is 5 now the CBRW encourage the parent to enrol him in school for better education and socialisation. Therefore the child is enrolled in school and he is very happy to go to school and meet his friend.

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