Name: Lamjingshai Malngiang

Type of Disability: Hearing Impairment

Sex: Male, Age: 21

Address: Lumsohkhlur

Lamjingshai live at Lumsohkhlur, Mairang. He is the first son among 5 siblings. He belongs from poor family and they earn through cultivation.

According to his parents Lamjingshai got infection on his ear when he was small child, later it starts affecting his hearing. His parents realising that later at his 4 year of age. Knowing that they start looking for medical help but it was too late and he is now suffering from hearing lost.

It was a trouble for him at school where he is not able to follow teacher somehow he could manage with the help of his parents and reach till class 10. He is now not able to continue so he dropped from school.

When it comes in the society he is not able to socialise and being look down by other, not able to make friends. It is because of not being accepted and name calling he stop going out.

When C.B.R.W. identified him, initially he is not willing to interact, later with the regular visit he is willing to go for assessment and get his certificate and identity card. The C.B.R.W. try hard to talk with his neighbour, friends and to the headmen to make them aware about the rights of Person with Disability. He is now being include in the society, he is very happy since he is able to participate in social event, in cleaning drive of the village, in M.N.E.R.G.S. through job card, in village committee. He is very active and he use to participate in any programme organise from the office or other Government programme.

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