Name: Banturshaphrang Wahlang

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Type of Disability: Hearing Impaired

Address: Umthied Bynther

Bantur live at Umthied Bynther, Mairang with his parent and siblings. He is a bachelor belonging from low income family earning through Agriculture Farming.Bantur-liveskill02

His disability was identified since birth and his parent could not afford more for his treatment so they stop seeking treatment. He attended school till 10 standard and dropped his schooling as they could not support him. On 2009 when C.B.R. project starts he was identified and enrolled under the project, later he received his certificate and identity through Assessment Camp conducted by Social Welfare Nongstoin and applied for scheme.

He does not go much outside of his house so he have few friends and have no knowledge or information to look for work or to earn to support himself and his family. Then C.B.R.W. send him for different training like Handicraft, piggery, poultry and tailoring in Bethany Society and other short term training. After the training from Bethany he started to make use his training skills by making stool for a selling price @ Rs 300 per stool and make a carry bags when order comes. He earns more from making stool since he got a good link for marketing. Apart from it he work as house constructor and earn as daily waged. He now started piggery knowing that he can get a good income through it, making him to earn more and met the needs in the family.

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