A Door Opens

11 years old (now 14 years) Rapshailin is a boy with Noonan’s Syndrome (has learning disability). He had previously been to a local school where he repeated Class III for three (3) years.

Rap has fair attention span and gets easily distracted by sounds or movements in the surrounding. When he was brought to RASD, he was able to tell the correct answer verbally for simple problem sums of addition and subtraction (when asked verbally). He was able to label and write A – X (in upper case) correctly and independently when asked in random. However, reversal of alphabets in lower case was observed while identifying, labelling and writing. He struggles and finds great difficulty to identify most cursive alphabets in small case. Reversals also observed while reading and writing simple words too. He had very poor phonetic skills. Rap finds great difficulty to pronounce simple three letter words. His handwriting was very poor and difficult to read too.

He was very stubborn and would hit self and others when needs are not met.

After a thorough functional and educational assessment he was granted admission on trial for 3(three) months in Class Nursery (formal) in 2013.

Earlier, reading a simple three letter word was so difficult for Rapshai but over the years he has shown marked improvement in all areas. Reading and handwriting has improved a lot comparatively, though reversals and substitution of letters and words still persists. Now, Rap is able to read a familiar paragraph with few errors. He has also successfully completed his Class III examination with 63% marks percentage and promoted to Class IV. His behaviour has also changed drastically over the years. He is polite and very helpful.

Rapshai is a cheerful, fun loving and responsible boy. He enjoys singing, dancing and sports and games.